About Us

We provide a fully integrated demolition and site remediation service with the assistance of our sister company Elvanite Limited.

Environmental remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water for the general protection of human health and the environment or from a brownfield site intended for redevelopment.

Where contamination is known to be present, careful and controlled demolition is paramount to ensure that the contamination is not spread to other areas.

We use specialised techniques to enable sites to be returned to a usable / resalable condition whilst reducing the volume of material going to landfill.

Site Clearance

Many projects involve clearing the site prior to commencing remediation, whether clearing up fly tipping, demolishing old structures (by our sister company Elvanite Limited) or the safe disposal of hazardous waste. Within any site clearance we undertake, we can excavate into existing landfill material which we can process on site or at our own facility and reincorporate as backfill material, saving our customers considerable export costs.

We adopt a flexible attitude throughout our projects ensuring completion of a contract taking into consideration the complexities of a project.

Earth Moving

The Elvanite Group can combine demolition and earth moving services to provide a fully integrated scope of works. The company has vast experience obtained over many years handling projects from just 5,000 to 250,000 cubic metres efficiently and competitively.

The Company’s experience in earth moving projects includes Park and Ride Schemes, DIY Super Centres, Hospitals, Civil and Post Office Counters Contracts and Highway Works

Crushing & Screening

We have been recycling materials back into reusable construction products since 1982. Our waste reduction policy has meant a reduced consumption of resources resulting in less waste going into rapidly filling landfill sites for over 25 years.

We ensure that our recycled material is of the highest grade and to stringent industry standards. Recycled material need no longer be restricted to use in roads and car parks. High quality recycled material, certified by UKAS laboratories, is perfectly suitable for use in the construction of buildings.

We operate our own screening and concrete crushing machinery and these operations can be carried out on site to reduce material movements.

Soil Remediation

We believe that brown field and contaminated land remediation for return to use should not start and finish with the remediation. We have a long and well established history of incorporating demolition works into the wider remediation project with great benefit for our customers.

By maximising the integration of more than one process we can produce an overall result not obtainable separately. Between the demolition and remediation works we can ensure a combined approach to materials management and re-use.

We can ensure on site segregation of materials including hazardous substances such as asbestos containing materials and contaminated liquids and ensure appropriate reclamation and re-use of suitable materials.







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