About Us

Elvanite Ltd is a specialist demolition and recycling contractor. We have vast experience of all types of demolition and soft strip works including non-licensed asbestos works. We use our own fully owned plant and all our operatives are fully trained and qualified.

Our sister company Elvanite Soil Remediation Ltd can provide separating, screening and crushing material to a certified standard. We provide certified recycled materials readily reusable on site. Elvanite specialize in contaminated land remediation and can offer a free consultancy based advice service.

We provide environmental improvements throughout a project’s life-span and ensure we protect our operatives and the public with a proven health and safety record. Our aim is to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.  Where contamination is known to be present, careful and controlled demolition is paramount to ensure that the contamination is not spread to other areas.

We can provide contaminated soil reports, advice on recycled materials that can be certificated and their suitability for use on each project. We can provide tank cleaning and fuel tank removal services.

Elvanite have recycled 95.8% of waste materials this year. Why not be keener to be greener and allow us to recycle your construction waste.


Elvanite Ltd have a proven expertise in many areas of demolition work, ranging from small urban projects through to large multi storey buildings. We also have the technical capability of town centre facade retention, excavation and filling in of basements, to the use of explosive demolition for rail bridges and demolition of other complex structures.

It is our continued investment in significant specialist equipment, operative training and close adherence to a strict set of quality standards that keeps the Company at the forefront of the industry.

A Large percentage of the company’s demolition work is conducted mechanically and as a result we can usually provide our customers with a quicker project completion date involving minimal risks, making us an extremely competitive option for your demolition requirements.

In live operational areas, confined spaces, difficult to reach places or within a plant or structure, dismantling can bring many unique challenges. Elvanite Ltd has the experience, knowledge and fully trained staff to meet them.

The nature of a dismantling project and its location can often mean that the work undertaken is more time consuming, although it can be planned for operations to continue around the work, being of major financial benefit to the client, rather than having to extend periods of time with the plant/manufacturing shut down incurring additional costs or lost revenue.


Asbestos Removal


The company has been recycling materials back into reusable construction products since 1982. Our waste reduction policy has meant a reduced consumption of resources resulting in less waste going into rapidly filling landfill sites for over 25 years.

We ensure that we provide recycled material of the highest grade and to stringent industry standards. As a result, recycled material need no longer be restricted to use in roads and car parks. High quality recycled material, certified by UKAS laboratories, is perfectly suitable for use in the construction of buildings


Elvanite Ltd provide one of the most thorough asbestos removal solutions to our customers. All our operatives are fully trained and certified for the removal of Non-Licensed Asbestos.

We are confident that no matter what the size of project currently undertaken, we can provide customers with a competitive solution including the use of competent sub-contractors to remove licensed asbestos if required



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